DotA 6.74 Map Download and Changelogs

DotA 6.74 Map Download and Changelogs. DotA 6.74 Official Map has just released by icefrog. DotA 6.74 is the next map of DotA 6.73c series. Check out the download links and changelogs of DotA 6.74.
DotA 2 Patch Changelog

DotA 2 Patch Changelog :

- Enabled Bane in Captain’s Mode.
- Bane: Fixed the attack timing on when Nightmare gets transfered.
- Bane: Fixed Enfeeble working on Roshan
- Bane: Fixed being unable to attack allied Nightmared heroes to transfer the debuff.
- Bane: Fixed Nightmare being able to transfer to towers and wards.
- Batrider: Fixed being unable to easily pull units over cliffs with Flaming Lasso.
- Batrider: Fixed timing of Firefly damage ticks.
- Batrider: Fixed rounding error with Firefly damage ticks.
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