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Dota Allstars 6.60 News and Updates. Its been so long but Dota 6.60 is not yet released by IceFrog. Everyone wants to try/play new heroes Batrider and Tauren Chieftain coming in Dota 6.60. We've got some updates (from IceFrog) you can read it below and yeah beta map of Dota 6.60 is leaked. The latest map is now Dota 6.59D.

Dota 6.60 Map Changelogs:

* Replace all the heroes tavern into top left of the map
* Now there's 9 tavern:
* Sentinel Strength Tavern, Sentinel Agility Tavern, Sentinel Intelligence Tavern
* Neutrals Strength Tavern, Neutrals Agility Tavern, Neutrals Intelligence Tavern
* Scourge Strength Tavern, Scourge Agility Tavern, Scourge Intelligence Tavern
* Neutrals Hero can be picked by either Scourge or Sentinel
* Add Tauren Chieftain to Sentinel Strength Tavern
* Add Bat Rider to Neutrals Intelligence Tavern
* Hero changes on Razor and Viper
* Viper 2nd skill was remade
* There are 2 new item.
* One item is the upgrade item from magic stick + 2 x gg brach = Magic Wand

Download Map 6.60

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