Asia DotA Championship 2009 starts in June

After the huge success of ADC 2008 , Garena is now proudly presenting you the new chapter of the finest DotA tournament in Asia : Asia DotA Championship 2009 . This year the tournament is expanding to Australia and New Zealand.

ADC09 will open registration on June 1st till June 15th. Registration is FREE and every team has a chance to challenge the best DotA teams in Asia. Due to the fact that many teams from ADC08 is being inactive, all teams have to play in qualifiers to win a slot in Regular Season.

Prize Distribution for ADC09: $4350 USD to be won

Champion: $1,200
Runner-up: $800
2nd Runner-up: $600
4th Place: $400
5th Place: $350
6th Place: $300
7th Place: $250
8th Place: $200
9th Place: $150
10th Place: $100

Tournament Structure:

3 Phases in ADC 2009: Qualifier, Regular Season and Playoff.


Qualifiers will be held in 10 regions. All teams can participate in this largest Asia DotA online tournament. Qualifier format will be Best of 1, Single Elimination until 4 teams are remaining. Semi Final and Final matches are in Best of 3, Single Elimination mode. The winner of each region will advance to Regular Season Stage.

10 Qualifer Regions:

1. Singapore
2. China
3. Malaysia
4. Thailand
5. Indonesia
6. Philippines
7. Vietnam
8. South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh)
9. East Asia (Japan, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Korea)
10 Australia & New Zealand

Regular Season

The Regular Season consists of 10 teams. Regular Season is in Round Robin Format. Each team must play 9 matches per season, once against each one of the other teams. In regular season, games will be played in Best of 3 format. Team leaders will contact each other and decide the time 1 week prior to the game then report to admins.

Matches are to be played between Thursday 0:01 am GMT+8 and Wednesday 11:59 pm GMT+8 once a week. This period is being referred to as "Playday". There will be 9 Playdays in totally. 1 Playday per week and the regular season will last for 9 weeks.

The teams with the ranks #1 and #2 will directly enter Playoff. The clans with the ranks 3 - 6 will have to play a playup match, consisting of #3 vs #6 and #4 vs #5. Winners will be qualified for the Playoff.


Playoff will be played after regular season. Games will be in Best of 3, Double Elimination format.

Registration Information

Signups will be open on June 1st! ADC 2009 will be using the Garena Tournament System together with Garena forum. Please register a team on the system first to get ready for signup!
Signup threads will be created for each region. Teams are to signup on the Garena Tournament System first, then post the player list as well as leader contact information in the respective signup thread. If the player list in the signup thread differs from the GTS team list, forum thread will be the indicator.

More details of registration will be released on June 1st upon opening of registration.

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