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Not too long ago, IceFrog announced about future changes that will be occuring. For instance how Blizzard`s patches will possibly make DotA gaming better. This is a statement written by IceFrog on his blog

Written by IceFrog on
In the near future there will be important updates to the Warcraft 3 engine. I know there are various communities around the world that still use the 1.20 patch.However, it is important to the development of DotA for players to have the latest Blizzard patches ( There will always be new security features as well as map development functionality in future patches to provide a better experience for everyone and the game needs to be able to utilize them. This is mainly directed towards the net cafes that have automatic software that prevents changes from being done. Only the net cafes` owners (through the requests of users) can update the locked systems they have in place that prevents new software from being installed. So please make an effort to tell your local net cafes about this so they can be ready.

On a different note; here is a preview of the new recipe shop layout based on the emails I got. The goals are both to make room for the recently added items and more importantly to organize them in a manner that makes correctly guessing where an item is an easy task for both existing and new players alike.

I know none of us like to relearn item layouts, but this is a good thing to do for the long run. Take some time to review it and give me your feedback. Thanks for everyone that has already emailed me their ideas on this.

Items Layout

For more information, check out .

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