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Dota 6.62 Beta - Dota-Allstars 6.62 Beta Map Download. Ok, before you're getting excited, let me say a couple things. This map is another public beta and published on PlayDota. Dota 6.62 only has one purpose, to adjust with the new Warcraft 1.24 Patch. There should be no changes between Dota 6.61b and Dota 6.62. If you found something different, try to reproduce it and help IceFrog by reporting it.

Here is what IceFrog said about this map:

This version most likely has many broken abilities and functions right now. A huge amount of code has been at least partially rewritten for this patch. Various untested new functions in 1.24 are being used, anything can go wrong.

The first step is to have everyone here test in either single player or with a couple other people, test everything in the game and report which ones are broken.

There should be zero functional changes between 6.62 and 6.61b. If you aren't sure if something is bugged or not compare it with 6.61b.

The only concern for this version right now is to make sure the map code is functional. Do not use these subforums to report anything unless it is an issue that is unique for 6.62/1.24 or to use it as a suggestion forum. There are many potential issues so we need to keep things organized and focused on the task at hand.

The bugs aren't just limited to abilities. Items, commands, game modes, game behavior, rules, upgrades, timers, etc are all vulnerable to bugs.

After we pass Phase 1 of the testing (testing by yourself or with a group of people on westfall), we will then start to do regular 5v5 games to find what other bugs were missed. You can do these games now if you want as well, but we will formally start them after we have had extensive tests on the rest of the stuff first. There are many bugs that will only be easy to catch in multiplayer though, so you are encouraged to try and play with a few people at least.
Thanks in advance for all the help.
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