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Cheat Cubi Perfect World
Do you want have 99999999 cubi perfect world ? It's work for Perfect world international. To use cheat cubi gold or zen pointer, you can use cheat engine . Below how to get cubi gold perfect world :
1. Open Cheat Engine
2. Click add address manually

3. Select POINTER

4. click add pointer

5. In the BOTTEM LEFT box enter: 03313EF8

6. In the BOTTEM RIGHT box enter: 20
7. In the box above that enter: 00000cc8
8. Click OK


Damage Hack Perfect World

How to use damage hack perfect world ? To edit damage output of your character to mobs using CE. Many player perfect world was banned using jump hacks. I read forum, they sucessfully find how to hack aspd (atk speed), speed hack, looting hack and forging hack in Perfect World.
How to use damage hack :

1. start launcher and login as usual

2. start CE, scan and search for the address that points to the character's inventory

3. go to the item mall (or press ALT+O simultaneously)

4. click tools Tab then Assist Tab, buy lots of reset tickets (purchases must reach atleast 100,000 golds or the hack will not work)

5. go to the elder of any major city and use your tickets to reset all your attributes (except dex) to 3.

6. put all your status points to dex (you must do this while singing "buttons" by the Pussycat Dolls or the system will not recognize the changes)

7. finally click confirm. And there you have it, almost 100% critical!!

How To Unpack Perfect World
To unpack perfect world, you can use pwpack and you can download at here. Just run from command line and you will see option. After download pwpack, open a command line (eg: run cmd) put the pwpack and the .pck file in same directory, navagate to that directory and use command: pwpack.exe -x xyz.pck. Then replace xyz.pck with the name of the pck file (eg: models.pck)

Download Perfect World Stat Calculator
Do you looking for perfect world stat calculator ? With perfect world stat calculator, you character can start anywhere from choice your class, level, attributes, equip armor and weapons. With tools calculator, you can simulate how much damage you can have with attributes such as armor, max hp and mp, dodge rate and more. To use perfect world calculator, you just change class, click wu xia, and to equip weapon or armor, just click a blank slot and the weapon or armor choices will apprear on the inventory.
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