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The Internet has added an extra dimension to video gaming: You don't have to be in the same room with someone to go on a Xbox shooting rampage together, or play Scrabble, or whatever. The problem: How do you know when your friends are at their computers or videogame consoles playing a game so you could join up?

Raptr launched new software Relevant Products/Services that integrates various instant-messaging services, as well as Twitter and Facebook, and automatically updates users' status with the games they are currently playing.

It recognizes about 32,000 games, including hardcore titles like "Halo 3," music games like "Guitar Hero" and social games such as Zynga's "YoVille" on Facebook.

Like most other social networks, Raptr is hoping to make money by selling ads and sponsorships. One potential advantage: Advertisers already know you're into spending money on videogames, so getting game companies to advertise should be a gimme. Founder Dennis Fong says the company will also be announcing some deals soon to bundle Raptr software with some PC games.
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