Playdota returns as Windota has now been renamed as on icefrog request. It aims to be a site focusing on giving the average player the rewards and prizes that up until now only professionals have had. It is a DotA ladder that allows players to team up to together in teams of 2's, 3's, 4's and 5's to battle in 5v5 games. players will play on Garena to reduce all lag. At the end of each round the top players will share a prize pool. Players can party up with their friends, fellow gamers for the best chance of winning their part of the prize pool. the solo players can team up with players of similar skill depicting the guild concept of many famous MMORPG's where players team together for a common cause.

The opening weekend of has been scheduled on 00:01am (21/11/09) to 23:59pm (22/11/09) (GMT TIME). A total prize money of $400 has been offered.

The top 3 players will be paid accordingly:

1st = $250
2nd = $100
3rd = $50

A Garena account is needed to play. The players also need to register in the WinDotA site and create a party for themself. It is allowed to invite up to 4 other players to play, earn points, earn rank and money all at the same time.

source : gosugamers
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