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Zynga Poker is online version of  Texas Holdem Poker, playable free of charge on Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, Bebo and iPhones. To play Zynga Poker on Facebook, all that is required is a valid Facebook account. Once you have signed up, you can play with your friends and complete in various Texas Holdem leagues and tournaments for prizes.

Poker on Facebook is a fast and fun way to spend time playing games online. Poker has always been a popular online game but when used in combination with your facebook friends, almost instantly, the game becomes more fun. Many Zynga games have a few hidden Easter Eggs and cheats that can make the game more fun. Often a Zynga Poker Cheats on Facebook is a bug in the software or a logic workaround. These bugs are usually quickly identified both by the community and by the game creator, Zynga and fixed. As a result, there are often few cheats available.
Facebook Poker Cheats are a fast and easy way to increase the amount of money you have or improve your hand of cards. While this can be a fun and easy way to play with your friends and look like a Facebook Poker star, cheating when playing for real money can have serious implications. Since Zynga Poker is a fun, free online Facebook game, most people use the cheats found on this page to learn the game or to have fun with their friends.

One of the Zynga Poker Cheats on Facebook that you can find in the links section below is to create a ghost or clone player so that you have an advantage over the rest of the table. Using a free proxy and an alternate Facebook account, you can login with two or more players to increase your chances of wining and improve your strategy.

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