Starcraft II Beta for Macs

It's been a long and hard wait for us Mac folk, however Blizzard has at last relieved a portion of the Mac community of their arduous wait, and has released the Starcraft 2 Mac Beta Client .

Blizzard Poster Zarhym announced :
The StarCraft II Mac beta client is now available for testing on North American servers, and we encourage Mac users to download this client through and begin testing. We plan on expanding the Mac beta to support additional regions and languages in the near future.
To Download the Macintosh client simply log in to your account on, navigate to the account management page for Starcraft II Beta , and download the client from there.
And for those outside the North American server still waiting on Mac clients, there is no reason to believe that Blizzard will not expand the region support soon, as they clearly have a readily working beta client. To those on Windows this may seem marginal, however it definitely exciting for those on Macs, as it saves a good amount of effort just to play the game.

UPDATE: I have just installed and tested the Mac client and surveyed/asked around for other people's experiences with the client, and the general consensus is that unfortunately: the mac client runs considerably less efficient than the windows client.

-Almost unplayable at Medium settings on Macbook Pros before 2009/2010. (and definitely not enjoyable)
-The later 2009 Macbook Pros seem to run the client decently well
-The recently released i5 Macbook Pros runs the beta with not much problems
-Unplayable on Mac Minis
-Unplayable on Macbooks (no reports, but if it's unplayable on some Macbook Pros, a regular Macbook probably can't run it)
-I assume that the client would run OK on a more recent Mac desktop, although there have been no reports for or against this. - Forums
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