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ID Watchdog is a good service for protecting your identity, but at twice the price of others, it doesn’t offer quite the value.
Basically, IDWatchDog has a patent-pending fraud monitoring technology which serves as their clients' primary form of identity theft protection.
What the system does is search through thousands of databases, looking for any changes in your personal records. This way, you will know whether a fraudster has gained access to your personal information.
ID Watchdog provides you with the most comprehensive protection and complete peace of mind so you can forget about identity theft forever. A very good choice if you wan't a good service protecting your identity.
ID Watchdog is primarily an identity protection service not a credit monitoring service. They provide online fraud monitoring, but do not include the functions to generate fraud alerts or freeze your credit. Also, unlike some other reviewed identity theft protection services, ID Watchdog only monitors for changes in databases once a month as opposed to all the time. You can go to now and complete idCheck.
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