WCG 2010 Sweden: FnaticMsi Win

 First map (de_dust2)
The first map of the WCG Sweden 2010 final was selected to be de_dust2. This map hasn't been played yet by FnaticMSI as they were able to shut-out their previous opponent (Meet Your Makers) 2:0 and there was no need for a third map. FnaticMSI would start on the terrorist side like they have for every map so far. After a rush on the B bombsite the team went on to win the all important pistol round. As a result, the first three rounds in general went Fnatic's way.
The first gun round came down to a tense 1 vs. 1 situation which Fnatic's latest addition Bjorn 'THREAT' Pers was able to win to give Fnatic their fourth round. SK Gaming wasn't able to win their first round until Fnatic went up 5:0. Fnatic wasn't about to let SK Gaming get some momentum however, and was able to win the next to rounds to go up 7:1. SK Gaming would only be able to get one round from this point on, and Fnatic would go on to win the first half 13:2 with amazing play from THREAT.

The second half would have Fnatic sporting the Counter-Terrorist side now. Yet again Fnatic was able to win the pistol round going up 14:2. The next round also went to Fnatic, however the first gun round went to SK Gaming to make the score 15:3. Due to losing this gun round, Fnatic was forced to save and play an eco-round which they lost making the score 15:4. Fnatic however would not look back from this point on and went on to win the map 16:4.

Second map (de_inferno)
The second map of the match was selected to be de_inferno. FnaticMSI had a dominating performance earlier in the day against Meet Your Makers and they were looking to do more of the same against SK Gaming. As usual Fnatic started on the terrorist side. This map would prove much of the same as we have seen today as Fnatic would go up against SK Gaming in convincing fashion. After starting out 1:1, Fnatic would go on a rampage to build a lead of 11:1. Only at this point was SK Gaming able to win their second round to make the gap a little smaller. The first half would finally end with the scoreline reading 12:3 in favor of FnaticMSI.

The second half went underway quickly with Fnatic on the CT side. SK Gaming was able to take the pistol round in quick round as they rushed to the A bombsite. SK Gaming would go on to win the next round, however in the third round FnaticMSI did a surprise buy and were able to win the round bringing the score to 13:5. SK Gaming however seemed determine to get everything they could out of de_inferno and were able to close the gap even futher to 13:8 before Fnatic could stop their run. With the score at 15:12, SK Gaming brought the match much closer than it was looking to be at the beginning. However at this point Fnatic finally turned it on and won the last remaining round to take the map 16:12.

With this win FnaticMSI has earned the higher seed at WCG Nordic. Both teams will play at the WCG Nordic to see which team from Scandinavia earns an all expenses paid trip to the WCG Grand Finals in Los Angeles, California.
Link : http://fnatic.com/
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