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DotA 6.68 map is now released by IceFrog. Iceforg release four heroes in the Dota 6.68 map :

- Thrall The Far Seer. As a ranged intelligence hero, Thrall has three aoe (area of effect) spells and an ability to relocate an enemy. Due to these aspects, Thrall is likely to play the ganker role.
- Eredar The Shadow Demon . Eredar is another ranged intelligence hero that possesses the long gone Purge skill. In addition, Eredar has two damaging spells and a banishing ability that can contribute him as another ganker.
- Io The Guardian Wisp. Io is a ranged strength hero that has two protective skills, an increased attack speed skill and a mobility skill. This hero is most likely to be a carry due to its protective skills and a skill that depends on its base damage.
- Aurel Vlaicu the Gyrocopter. Being a ranged agility hero, Aurel is an engineer that deals with rockets. All four of his spells are damaging spells, one of which is capable of stunning. Due to its ability to shoot long ranged spells, Aurel is another ganker that can help ganking at a distance.

Checkout the changelogs and Download of DotA 6.68.

Dota 6.68 Download Links:
Dota 6.68 Download Via Getdota
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