Dota 6.67b AI Fun v2.2 Map Download

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Dota 6.67b AI Fun v2.2 Download. Dota 6.67b AI Fun v2.2 Map has just released! Dota 6.67b AI v2.2 is the next fun map of Dota 6.67b AI v2.1c.

Dota 6.67b AI v2.1c latest heroes :
Formless, Pet Summoner, Offender of Ancients, Felguard, Marine, Fluids Engineer, Magic Dragon, Cloud Strife, Bastion, Gambler (old), Hurricane, Intimidator, Rider, Keeper of the Light (old), Naix (old), Medusa (old)
Fun Mode :
Enter "-fun" command to enable both Fun heroes and Items.
Bastion : 
A fun hero that was created by BuffMePlz. It has some imbalance supportive skills, you can play it to own AI's in 5v5 for Fun.

Link Download :
Dota 6.67b AI Fun v2.2 Download  via Gamewebz
Dota 6.67b AI Fun v2.1c Download via Hotfile
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