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Dota 6.69c OMG Map | Legend of Dota (LoD) Download. The Dota 6.69c OMG mode map is now released by bob , Now you can have random skill fun in the latest map. This map is based on same concept as the previous Dota 6.69b OMG but its an improved version with more spells and ported on Dota 6.69c. If you need an introduction for the OMG mode maps check this post.
You will be surprised after playing this Dota 6.69c OMG mode map.

Random Draft:
To get random abilities, Enter "-AR" mode.
- You will get any hero with random skillset. "-repick" command can be used once, if you dont like the skillset.

Download Link :
Dota 6.69c OMG
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