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At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that was held last week, Razer announced its new mobile gaming platform concept known as the Switchblade. All gamers should be aware of Razer. Razer is a company that has always brought top quality PC peripherals to gamers for very competitive prices.

The tactile keyboard means the rows of blank, raised keys can change to suit whatever you're doing. If you're playing Quake they'll show the logos of whatever controls you've mapped to your preferred keys. If you're playing Dota they'll show all your skills, abilities, icons and whatever else you press when you play.

The idea is that you customise lay-outs for each application - a tiring process Razer will help by offering generic templates for download.

Theoretically; you see, the Razer Switchblade (a codename) is a concept machine - it hasn't been made in bulk to be sold. Therefore there's no price associated with it. Nevertheless, it's on display at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, alongside a raft of other gadgetry the event attracts.

Other theoretical specifications include Wi-Fi/3G connections, Windows 7 OS, Mini HDMI/USB 3/Headphone/Mic ports. The size, on paper, is 172mm x 115mm x 25 mm.
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