Dota 2 [Enchantress]

Enchantress, on first glance, seems to be your ordinary support hero, but this belies her aggressive offensive potential. With her Enchant ability, she can take control of forest creeps and their innate abilities. This allows her a wide range of powers and gives her a strong way to push towers or gank enemy heroes.

Enchant can also slow enemy heroes; this combined with her Untouchable passive skill makes her difficult to attack. The Enchantress can also use her Healing Wisps to heal her allies after a battle. Her hidden strength, however, is Impetus, which deals more damage the farther away the enemy hero is, adding massive damage to her basic attacks.

Str: 16 + 1.00
Agi: 19 + 1.80
Int: 16 + 2.80

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