DotA 2 Heroes Screenshots [Shadowfiend and Doom Bringer]

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After yesterday Dota 2 Fan Art published by Kunka, newly Chinese DotA 2 Team posted a couple of in-game printscreen showing two heroes, Shadowfiend and Doom Bringer. Check it out!

The first image of Shadowfiend confirms the DotA 2 Tutorial mode with a guiding arrow. The user interface of DotA 2 is designed for consuming less space making the gameplay screen much wider. Valve hasn’t officially disclosed any updates about these leaked screenshots but we thank to people who leaked this much awaited pictures!

And the second image shows Doom Bringer in the middle of the map with some items in his inventory.

Here are some features we can find from the image above:
- Mana bar & Health bar included
- Item Quick Buy
- Integrated QWER skill key
- Tutorial mode is already available

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