Dota 2 [Necrolyte]

Necrolyte is an unusual offensive spellcaster, since he has two passive skills and only one primary attack spell. However, this doesn't stop him from being one of the strongest offensive spellcasters around. Necrolyte's Death Pulse is his bread and butter. This powerful ability doubles as a damage spell and a healing spell, with both effects on every cast. Death Pulse hits all nearby heroes, causing damage to foes and healing both friends and Necrolyte himself. Since it has a short cooldown period, this spell can be cast very often, providing constant harassment to enemies while keeping allies in top form. To fuel this barrage, Necrolyte has a passive skill named Sadist which replenishes some of his mana every time he kills a unit.

To further weaken his enemies, his powerful Hearstopper Aura slowly drains the life of all foes in a large area of effect around Necrolyte. When he sees a sufficiently injured enemy hero, Necrolyte uses Reaper's Scythe, which is arguably the best spell in the game for killing off damaged heroes. This deadly spell deals damage based on how much life the target is missing, so even the toughest heroes die as a fast as the fragile ones. A strong Necrolyte is nearly impossible to defeat, releasing constant Death Pulses and draining enemies' lives with Heartstopper Aura until they are finished.

Str: 16 + 2.00
Agi: 15 + 1.70
Int: 22 + 2.50

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