Dota 2 [Razor]

Razor is a hero with a wide variety of lightning-based attacks. Although somewhat fragile at the start of the battle, he can nonetheless be used effectively to push lanes and can be vitally important in team fights. His Static Link completes the circuit between himself and an enemy, stealing damage from the target and adding it to his own. His passive Unstable Current increases movement speed and deflects damage back at attackers.

His ultimate weapon, Eye of the Storm, calls down the power of the storm upon his enemies, creating an area of effect in which lighting strikes randomly down on the heads of his foes. Razor's most eye-catching ability though is also usually the first one he earns: Plasma Field. A great tool for intimidation and controlling the lanes, this ability expels a powerful ring of excited plasma that expands to envelope all units around Razor, dealing damage to enemy creeps and heroes alike.

Str: 21 + 1.70
Agi: 22 + 2.00
Int: 19 + 1.80

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