Dota 2 [Viper]

Viper specializes in pinning down single targets from a distance, while dealing moderate damage. His Poison Attack allows him to consistently slow his enemies, reducing their effectiveness in battle. When needed, he can also fire a heavily concentrated Viper Strike toxin that can nearly stop enemies in their tracks. This allows him to be more aggressive as he can go in and keep targets from escaping. Viper Strike deals heavy damage over time and often leads to death if used on a victim with low health. So that he might better lead the charge, he's also developed a Corrosive Skin that offers resistances, returns minor poison, and slows his attackers. While most of Viper's damage is dealt over time with poisons, he has a passive Nethertoxin which allows him to deal additional damage to weaker units.

Str: 17 + 1.90
Agi: 21 + 2.50
Int: 15 + 1.80

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