Dota 2 [Zeus]

Zeus has one role: offensive spellcaster. His spell damage output is probably the highest of any hero in the game, due to a combination of great damage and short cooldown. Arc Lightning strikes a large number of enemies simultaneously with chain lightning; and while it does relatively slight damage, its low cost and quick cooldown allow it to be cast repeatedly during a battle. Lightning Bolt is easy to understand: lots of damage! Offering a good balance of damage, cooldown, and mana cost, Lightning Bolt is Zeus's primary means of dealing with enemies.

Every time Zeus casts a spell, his passive Static Field ability delivers a shock to nearby enemy heroes, based on their vitality. As enemies increase their life energy through the course of a game, Static Field does proportionally more damage to them. Zeus's most feared ability is Thundergod's Wrath. When cast, this spell causes a bolt of lightning to strike all enemy heroes on the battlefield. Thundergod's Wrath is especially useful for finishing off injured heroes as they limp away from battle, but it can also Zeus and his allies an edge in the heat of team fights.

Str: 19 + 1.80
Agi: 11 + 1.20
Int: 20 + 2.70

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