DotA Allstars 6.71b AI Fun 2.6 Released

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DotA Allstars 6.71b AI Fun 2.6 Download. Superwaitsum has just relased DotA 6.71b AI Fun. Check out some changes and download links of DotA 6.71b AI Fun.

List of Changes:
Added Ramza.
Added Old Raijin.
Fixed Batrider bug when used fly with shift.
Fixed Siglos' bug when Hex while He uses Reflect.
Fixed Berserker bug that caused not attacking allies.
Fixed Persuasive bug with chargeable items.
Fixed Most of Formless' bugs.
Fixed Pet Summoner's Critters duration bug.
Fixed Mana Fiend's HotKeys.
Inky can't target outside the Map.
Fixed Aghanims Scepter bugs.
Old Invoker can use Aghanims Scepter.
Fixed -repick bug when chosen a Fun hero.
Added -random fun.
Fixed Magic Hammer Recipe.
Added -funt , which blocks Fun Items and some Fun Heroes for Multiplayers Battles.

Download Link : DotA 6.71b AI Fun 2.6
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