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Hero Changes :
* Added Dota 2 Alchemist!
* Ancient Apparition: Fixed the location from which Ice Blast fires.
* Ancient Apparition: Fixed Level 3 Cold Feet doing 1 too much damage.
* Bloodseeker: Fixed Rupture damaging invulnerable/cycloned units.
* Dragon Knight: Fixed Elder Dragon Form attack properties getting lost when he is purged/repelled.
* Huskar: Fixed Burning Spears working against wards.
* Jakiro: Fixed Liquid Fire not working correctly against siege units.
* Kunkka: Fixed Tidebringer working against wards.
* Huskar: Fixed Inner Vitality being cast-able on yourself when Magic Immune.

* Necrolyte: Fixed Heartstopper aura being blocked by magic immunity.
* Nature’s Prophet: Fixed the spawn location of the Treants in Nature’s Call.
* Omniknight: Fixed the following ability interactions with Repel/Purge: Inner Vitality, Weave, Moonlight  Shadow, Overload, Holy Persuasion, Warcry, Shadow Word, Focus Fire, Sukuchi, Berserker’s Call, Chilling Touch.
* Pudge: Fixed Dismember lasting too long on Roshan.
* Pudge: Fixed Meat Hook interrupting allied channel abilities.
* Riki: Fixed Backstab on wards
* Sand King: Fixed Repel stopping Sandstorm.
* Sand King: Fixed a bug with Epicenter doing its Ultimate Scepter number of pulses regardless of level.
* Shadow Shaman: Fixed Ether Shock hitting invisible units.
* Warlock: Fixed Rain of Chaos AoE stun not lasting longer with Scepter.
* Warlock: Fixed Rain of Chaos not destroying trees
* Warlock: Fixed Fatal Bonds disabling Blink Dagger/Regen.
* Warlock: Fixed Fatal Bonds damage being reduced by resistance.
* Warlock: Fixed Rain of Chaos not doing any impact damage.
* Warlock: Fixed Golem’s Immolation working against Ancients.
* Weaver: Fixed Swarm not latching onto magic immune enemies.
* Weaver: Fixed Swarm losing their attack ability ability once an enemy becomes magic immune.
* Witch Doctor: Fixed Paralyzing Casks stun lasting 5 seconds on Roshan.

Gameplay Changes :
* Fixed Maelstrom/Mjolnir procing on denies/wards/sieges.
* Fixed Helm of the Dominator life-stealing off ward type units
* Fixed Ring of Basilius aura not working on siege units.
* Fixed Janggo aura not working on siege units.
* Fixed item critical strikes working against wards.
* Fixed item selling exploit where heroes could transfer sharable items and sell them back within the sell-back time.
* Cleaned up juke lanes in dire top lane.

User Interface:
* Fixed a bug with courier purchasing, where trying to complete an item would not take into account items held by the courier.
* Fixed a quick-buy bug. With Mekansm displayed, buying a branch, then headdress would result in a branch missing from the list.
* Added a setting to disable screen shaking.
* Fixed double clicking Force Staff not working if you are Repelled.
* Fixed Smoke of Deceit and Dust of Appearance purchase announcement not appearing when an ally buys them.
* Fixed Omniknight and Dragon Knight legacy keys.
* Enabled Warlock for Captain’s Mode
* Error messages will no longer appear if some unit in your multi-unit selection cannot perform the requested order.
* Practice Lobbies now appear on dota tv (can be selected to private in game setup).
* Fixed not being able to access the home shop after a respawn.
* Creeps under the control of a player now draw using that player’s color on the minimap.
* Fixed towers that are denied in the FoW still drawing for the other team on the minimap.
* Made overhead gold values not fade out as quickly when your controlled hero is high level.
* Added a new function (defaulted to Space Bar) that moves the camera to the last pinged location (if you press it again afterwards it goes back to your hero).

* Added impact effect to Leshrac’s Lightning Storm.
* Added burned ground to Warlock’s Rain of Chaos.
* Tweaked Dire tree shapes.

Audio :
* Added more movement lines for Dazzle, Dark Seer, Dragon Knight, Furion, Huskar, Riki, Skeleton King, Slardar, Spectre, and Jakiro.
* Updated Jariko’s voice-overs.

Dota 2 BOTS :
* Fixed bug where bots would stand under the tower in the lane they were pushing when it had backdoor protection activated. Now they should move back to their lane front.
* Bots no longer assume that humans will fully help out when they’re deciding whether to do Roshan.
* Revised Windrunner’s Shackle Shot and Windrun usage -
they won’t trigger as much when doing a casual retreat.
* In late-game, bots are more likely to go to side shops to get what they need (especially TP scrolls).
* Bots are no longer controllable by spectators.
* Improved the logic for deciding when to give up on an attack target that they haven’t touched in a while.
* Fixed issue where bots would attack creeps rather than defend their tower from enemy heroes.
* Reworked how bots push lanes, they should be less likely to tank towers and should be in appropriate positions more often now.
* Fixed bug where heroes would leave their tower too easily when not fully recharged.
* Bots will now use a bottled regen rune rather than retreating all the way back to base to heal.
* Fixed bug in Zeus’s Thundergod’s Wrath usage that caused with him to killsteal with it too much.
* Bots should be better about harassing heroes during the laning phase -
melee heroes should no longer be able to last-hit with impunity.
* Revised sniper bot skill build to be less push-oriented and more gank/dps oriented.
* Reduced spamminess of bots announcing the defense of a lane.
* Made bots better about retreating to retrieve their items.

Source : Dota2Utilities

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