Dota 6.73b Download and Changelogs

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Dota 6.73b Download and Changelogs. Dota 6.73b Official Map has just released! Dota 6.73b is the next map of Dota 6.73 series. Check out the download links and changelogs of Dota 6.73b.

Download Link : Dota 6.73b

Dota 6.73b Changelogs :
* Couriers are now invulnerable near their fountain
* Fixed Santa Hats on Illusions
* Fixed Tiny's Tree visuals when he gets cycloned
* Fixed first hit with Sleight of Fist being unable to bash
* Fixed a big exploit with Fire Remnants that could cause it to do dramatically more damage than intended
* Removed Pudge Santa
* Fixed Meepo clones not respawning with full mana
* Fixed Stone Giant's Aghanim bonus stacking with multiple instances
* Fixed Whirling Death damage tooltip
* Fixed Zeal HP regeneration
* Fixed Meepo's interaction with Tranquility Boots
* Fixed attack range on Legion Commander and Goblin Shredder being slightly off
* Fixed Goblin Shredder's agility and intelligence growth values being off
* Fixed Skywrath Mage not triggering Land Mines
* Fixed a bug with Sleight of Fist and Manta Style
* Duel can now only target heroes (it didn't do anything on non-heroes already)

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