Razer ADC II Playups and Playdowns Start

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The final ranking of Razer ADC Season II is determined. Here is the final ranking table:
1. Fnatic
2. Kingsurf
4. StarsBoba
5. CaNt
6. Zenith
7. eXtreme Dota Team
8. mKvL
9. Mineski
10. Trust

* Kingsurf and EHOME has the same points but Kingsurf won EHOME in the regular season, therefore Kingsurf is ranked as the 2nd place.
** mKvL and xDT has the same points but xDT won mKvL in the regular season, therefore xDT is ranked as the 7th place.

All Playups and Playdowns are in Best of 3 Format. Rules forPlayups and Playdowns are same as regular season. Map version v6.52will be used in Playups and Playdowns. However in
Playoff, DotA 6.56(b) will be used. More details will be released later.

According to ADC Rules, top 2 teams: Fnatic and Kingsurf will advanced to Playoff directly. The other 2 slots will be decided in the Playups, where the winners of #3 EHOME vs #6 Zenith and #4 StarsBoba vs #5 CaNt will qualify for the Playoff.

As team Zenith is disbanded and not able to play the Playups, another Singapore team will take the slot. The replacing Singapore team will be decided soon.

Besides Playups, Playdowns will start as well. The losers of #7 xDT vs #10 Trust and #8 mKvL vs #9 Mineski will have to go through qualifiers for Season III, which will start beginning of 2009.

According to our Special ADC Team Avatar Event: "Special ADC Team Avatars are now available in Garena Avatar Shop for the10 competing teams in the regular season. To cast your vote of supportto a team, you need to purchase and use the personalized team avatarsold in the avatar shop. Each avatar purchased contributes 1 point tothe supported team. The team with the most votes at the end of thevoting season will have a bonus “revive” point, allowing the team whowon the voting to have another opportunity to challenge their opponentagain if they lose during playoff or playdown stage."

Team Mineski has the most supporters. Therefore Mineski will have 2 chances when playing the playdown game, meaning that mKvL has to won Mineski in 2 BO3 Games in order to win team Mineski.

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