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After many absent outings from Ks.Int's recent skirmishes, Ks.eryc, manager of KS, finally steps out and reveals the truth about what exactly is happening with Vigoss at

The absence Vigoss from the main squad of Internationa- Ks.International of late has been questioned by thousands of fans, leading to numerous spam mails that the manager of Kingsurf, Malaysia Eryc received. In order to clear the speculations and floating rumours, Eryc has published a statement of the true reason behind the roster of Ks.Int in a Chinese website.

Although the post was made to clarify the matter at hand, despite the good will, the management of Kingsurf received a massive blow instead with comments filled with flames and hate speeches. brings you the full translation of the statement given by Eryc in hope that the fans will understand the reason behind Vigoss' disappearance.

The Truth about Vigoss.

In actual fact Vigoss isn't truly indispensable, as both Kuroky and Puppey are more than able to make up for it with their ganking abilities upfront. Presently, Vigoss isn't anywhere near his unbridled potential. Although I am trying my best to help him reach the bridge of perfection, his motivation for the game is simply non-existent. Sometimes, it is hard to understand what Russians are thinking.

All along, I have always been telling everyone nothing but the truth. Vigoss is not as perfect as we have all imagined him to be, and Puppey and I are still trying our very best to cater to his style. However, people are always attempting to avoid the truth when it stares right at them in the face. Time and time again, they manage to find a huge bunch of excuses for Vigoss. Frankly speaking, I don't really care if Vigoss has any fans or not (for other teams, they will definitely use him as a form of advertisement to promote their own team, and not dare to criticise him in any way). Vigoss himself is very clear that what I am looking for is someone who is able to co-exist and cooperate within the team. Everytime a problem occurs, I, as manager of Ks, will always point it out immediately, even if it is Vigoss who caused the problem. To be honest, I'm an avid fan of Vigoss myself. All along, I have supported him because I truly believe in what he can do as a player and that he can bring something special to the team. I am not supporting him just for the sake of it.

Kingsurf's motto has always been and will always be: "Only find a reason for victory, and no reason for failure." Being the manager of Kingsurf myself, if I do not admit what exactly is happening currently, Kingsurf would probably be in the same state like what Rush3D/DTS are in right now. (We should not always instantly relate big names to success, but base facts as evidence instead.)

Everything above will be the final and last time I am clarifying any facts or speculation surrounding Vigoss. Please stop asking me why Vigoss isn't playing in the main team. A month ago, Jolie's fans also asked me the same question. Jolie is different, as he is motivated and knows what he is doing, thus, one month later, I selected him to take up the main mantle of leadership in Ks.International. For now, everything else is entirely up to Vigoss, and if you guys really do mean him well, please stop finding excuses for him, and give him your blessings. I will let him know then.

Chatlog between Vigoss and Eryc from

[08:51] Ks^eryc: hei vigoss
[08:52] vigoss: hey
[08:52] Ks^eryc: how r u man
[08:53] vigoss: fine
[08:53] vigoss: you
[08:53] vigoss: ??
[08:53] Ks^eryc: fine ^^
[08:53] vigoss: niceeeeeeeeeeeee
[08:53] Ks^eryc: many china fans write to me that they hope to see you
raise up again and bcome the first 5 in
[08:54] Ks^eryc: that's wat i want to see also man
[08:54] vigoss: hey
[08:54] vigoss: iam leav?
[08:54] vigoss: no
[09:00] Ks^eryc: now i m going out to meet YamateH
[09:00] Ks^eryc: hehe
[09:00] Ks^eryc: vigoss
[09:00] Ks^eryc: do you wan to stay in and win with us?
[09:01] vigoss: i think yea
[09:01] vigoss: why to talk about that
[09:01] vigoss: i dont leave in ks
[09:01] vigoss: ..

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Vigoss doesn't leave Ks. yeah yeah. you can read his profile here

Awesome dota player .. i hope he join Fnatic . lol

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