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Fnatic added their newest player, Veleno, in place of the retired Melen.
There must be many thoughts and doubts filling the minds of fans and players alike as it remains to be seen if the current Fnatic roster, with their fresh new lineup which has just competed in the KOKC group matches against Rush3D and IGG, can match up to past expectations or even hope to better them.
In order to understand the fundamental makeup of the Fnatic DotA team better,'s ReiN caught up with Fnatic's Veleno and Ritter to find out more on how they were coping with the new changes in the team, their feelings now, and other information regarding the team's prospects.

Hi boys. Do you mind giving a brief introduction of yourself?
Veleno: Hi, my name is Andreas, but people call me Andre. I am Fnatic.Veleno and I play every role.
Ritter: Hi ReiN, my name is Ritter Rusli. I am Fnatic.Ritter. I am the current leader of Fnatic DotA. I have been playing DotA for four years.

A few days ago, Veleno played his first official game with Fnatic against Rush3d in KOKC. Why was he chosen to be added to Fnatic in the first place?
Ritter: We changed our lineup mainly because Melen has retired. We were searching for players and we think that Veleno is the best replacement for Melen. Besides that, we all speak in Indonesian. So communication is easier.

So Andreas, how are you getting used to playing with Fnatic? In terms of in-game and real life.
Veleno: i feel comfortable playing with them, cause they are one of the best teams in Asia, and best team in Indonesia. I'm glad when they asked me to try and train with them. In real life, we often stick together at night to discuss about strats.

Since there was a gap of time from when Melen left the team and Fnatic finding a new player, do you guys think that you will need a sixth player?
Ritter: I don’t think there is a need for that because that is the setup that we have been using all along. We don’t want a scenario where the sixth man doesn’t get enough ample playing time in some tournaments. Therefore, no sixth man.

Fnatic has pretty much been knocked out of KOKC although it is still relatively early. What is the reason for this?
Ritter: We honestly hate to play at online Europe tournaments, because we have big delay which is not fair for Asian teams. We have never dreamed that we can win an online Europe tournament, because in my opinion, if our opponent's team have same skills with us, and heroes are not outpicked, chances to win is very little. And about KOKC, we are not ready for that, because our lineup has changed and changed. We got raped vs Rush3d, and I think we need more training and training, because when we got raped it's not just about delay. But our performance was still not good. For Fnatic fans, we promise at the other tournaments, our performance will be the best, and we will win. However, it is probably fair playing against European teams with American hosts. They have lag too.
Veleno: Maybe I want to add a little more opinion. Online tourney we normally encounter problems like spike or delay. That's one of our problems if there is an online tourney. If it was against Asian teams we would still be able to hold, but if it is against European or American teams it will be a very big problem. I hope we'll meet Europe teams again at LAN and have a fair tournament.

Who do you think will proceed in your group and who will win KOKC?
Ritter: I think 1. TPL 2. Rush3d in my group and will win KOKC. Their performance now is very good and when I see puppey play in China, I know that he's a good player and leader.
Veleno: I think so too.

What is next for Fnatic? Any upcoming tournaments?
Ritter: We don't have any online tournaments ongoing now. Don't know, maybe next will be ADC 3 or SKOTH 5? We cannot go to Dreamhack because of the prize. Fnatic did not agree to send us to Dreamhack because the prizes is not big. I hear DotA-allstars will make LAN tournament in Europe. The prize is $10000. We will go there if it’s hosted.
Veleno: Very sexy tournament right there.

Any final shoutouts?
Ritter: I want to say sorry to the Fnatic gaming team and Fnatic fans about our bad performance at KOKC. We promise we will be the best for the next tournament. Thanks for supporting us. Thanks for the interview ReiN.
Veleno: Shoutout to koala for being the noisiest teammate ever! I'll do my best at the next tournament, and sorry to Fnatic gaming for our losses at KOKC. Thanks for the interview!

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a guess they will be pwnd MYM n Ks.Int someday
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