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The old XcN team used to the be the best DotA clan from Indonesia. With players like Ritter, who made the Meepo playstyle popular, the team managed to win the Asian DotA Championship 2007 and a lot of other local events.

Albert – Jhonny – Tobit – Gunawan - Tribekti

But after the team signed to Fnatic, with Rinoa as the manager, XcN fell into oblivion.
A few days ago, XcN proudly announced their new DotA team, who are not unknown in their country. After gaining some local achievements, they are now looking forward to show their skill on the international stage.

XcN.DotA lineup
Indonesia Tribekti 'noobz' Nasima
Indonesia Tobit 'tBt'
Indonesia Gunawan 'Orca' Leman
Indonesia Albert 'wayah'
Indonesia Injo 'joJo' Jhonny Alexander
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