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The DotA team of Roskilde Ravens will add most of the players from the Kingdom roster. Though there are a few differences between the rumours and the facts. Instead of an only Danish roster they also added the only American of the former MYM.DotA team Ben `Merlini` Wu. Furthermore they decided to replace their manager Martin `Sjulle` Jong with Mikkel `Mikkel` Skriver.

Statement by Smiske

Today is the day where we go back to an all-danish lineup, which to be honest i think all of our players have missed abit in the days where we have been playing with international players. the parting ways with misery is mainly caused bye internal problems. kwom and moods where only tossed because of them just not being danish enough. now with this 7 man roster 6 danish people and merlini as our american i think we have the capacity to become a stronger team than ever before. Right now our focus is on DTS-Cup where we the next month are gonna practice hard to get ready.

With this the top two teams of the Division 1 both have players from the previous third placed Kingdom.DotA. The laid off Rasmus `MiseRy` Berth also stated in an interview that it was rather a surprise for him to be kicked from the roster.

Roskilde Ravens

Alexander `Smiske` Troensegaard
Mikkel `Mikkel` Skriver (Manager)
Mikkel `miGGel` Berg
Martin `AngeL` Olsen
Jacob `Maelk` Toft-Andersen
Brian `MaNia` Strandby
Martin `PusH` Mogensen
Ben `Merlini` Wu
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