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One of the reasons for the former MeetYourMakers/Kingdom DotA team to disband was the departure from their long time member `H4nn1-` Hanbückers. Kingsurf.International now officialy confirmed his transfer, though the addition comes along with a sad news. Vasily `joliE` Pepelyaev will enter the inactivity for an undetermined period of time. Some time ago the team already lost Ivan `vigoss` Shinkarev who was inactive and then joined Rush3D. If joliE will follow his former mate is still written in the stars.

Preview of an interview from SGamer.com

What makes you wish to join Ks.int? You found eryc yourself ? what`s the process of you joining Ks.int?
I always loved to see Ks play which was based on the picks of puppey. Cause he plays/picks ingame as I think you should pick to make the game attractive. To the second question I didnt talk to eryc at first cuz i didnt really know him, that`s why I contacted Levent and Kuroky first.

Clement `Puppey` Ivanov
Jesper `Miracle` Nyhlén
Kuro Salehi `KuroKy` Takhasomi
Levent `LevenT` Isyapar
`H4nn1-` Hanbückers
Daniel `Dendi` Oleksandrovich
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