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After the recent disband of the mousesports DotA team Georg `Fire` Krug has been without a team. Now it seems that he found a new home within the Four Kings DotA section. As we reported on Wednesday, Back To Basics joined the organization Four Kings and now they announced their very first accession.

Statement by [4K^Fire]

In my early Warcraft III gaming time I always dreamed about being a part of Four Kings and now 4K got a DotA team and I am a part of it, that’s really cool! And I am really confident that we can beat every team if we go on with training like we do at the moment!

4K.DotA Lineup
Alexander `Kog` Schütt
David `DrunKin` Pella
Georg `Fire` Krug
Dalius `dLxYaN` Strebeika
Laurynas `kLdz` Laukys
Jon `13abyKnight` Andersen
Magnus `Magma34` Johansson
Youri `N3rf` Boldy
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