Miracle for Fnatic, not Razer.Int

Ks International will be down to a three-man team with the departure of Miracle- and LevenT under a mutual agreement.

All the rumours circulating the competitive scene is confirmed today as the fourth place winner in Gamecom Cologne,Razer.International, will be down to a three-man team with the departure of Miracle- and LevenT under a mutual agreement.

According to Sgamer, the reason for their departure is due to a serious drop in performance and lost of confidence displayed by LevenT especially during the recent LAN event and Miracle- wanting to have a change in playstyle to a more farm and push related tactic which Fnatic is applying right now.

Miracle- will be joining Freezer as the replacement to Aidar and Kebap for Fnatic while LevenT's future in the competitive scene is shrouded in mystery. Stay tuned to myMYM as we bring you more updates on the development of Ks.int and Fnatic.

Quoting Razer.Eryc

After the disbandment of Razer.cn, Razer.Int remained the only squad in the clan that practises and executes a ganking style of gameplay. I have received alot of queries and doubts from alot of peoples questioning me about why are we still stuck with a ganking style of gameplay in version 6.61 onwards, despite the fact that Kuroky and Puppey both understood that the chances of winning is almost close to none.

However, they still decided to stick with this choice of gameplay, and no doubt I definitely support them nonetheless. In my opinion, enjoying what you love doing is of uptmost importance, therefore I support their decision.

Razer.Int has already been together for about 8 months, going through thick and thin. They are Jolie, Kuro, Levent, Puppey and Miracle. I just had a discussion with Puppey and Kuroky not long ago regarding the team management and its future prospects and the team finally agreed to come to terms.

Indeed, this is going to shock everyone. I supposed interested media and fellow fans who have been following up with Razer.Int are already getting the news. But rest assured, we will take on every challenge and obstacle with a positive attitude to continue our journey ahead of us!

Razer.Int team roster:

Fede- Razer^Jolie.ru

Fnatic team roster:


Source : dota.sgamer.com
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