Dragon Age: Origins DLC details and limited-time offer

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"The Stone Prisoner" will let players access a golem character named Shale and introduce new environments, items, and hours of additional play. It's been confirmed as a freebie for those who purchase a full retail version of Dragon Age: Origins new, and can be accessed via code provided by the retailer. This offer will run until April 30, 2010, at which point players can still buy the add-on off Xbox LIVE for 1200 Microsoft Points, and PlayStation 3 or the PC game menu for $15.00 USD.

The Blood Dragon Armor, a set of themed armor with bonus stats, is also to be included with the game upon purchase, with a separate code. Like "The Stone Prisoner" DLC, the code is valid until the end of April. Note the armor will also be usable in Mass Effect 2 when the game is released in Spring 2010.

A third downloadable add-on, the "Warden's Keep" will also be released on November 3 with the game and brings a new dungeon with loot, abilities, and other in-game goodies. Players get a deeper look at the Grey Wardens' history, including their exile and the fall of Warden's Keep. Sounds pretty yummy, right? Too bad it's not included free with the game. You'll need to fork over $7.00 or 560 Microsoft Points (strange figure) for a taste of Grey Warden history.

Again, the Blood Dragon Armor and "The Stone Prisoner" DLC will be free with any retail purchase of the game until April 30; the "Warden's Keep" add-on is not included in this deal. Weird move, but we assume BioWare is rewarding players for getting Dragon Age: Origins early at full price. Those who hold out until May for price cuts or used copies can score the game at a lower price but pay for DLC and pass up the armor.

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