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Cheats for Guitar Hero World Tour - Cheats Codes Xbox 360
In the options menu you will see a cheats section at the bottom. Inside the Cheats Menu hit "Enter New Cheat" then enter the desired code.

Performance Mode

Yellow(2), Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Red(2).
Green, Blue, Red, Yellow(2), Red, Green(2).
Auto Kick
Yellow, Green, Red, Blue(4), Red. The bass drum pedal will now be played automatically. Note: Enabling this code will disable earning any money after a song has been completed.
Unlock Quickplay
Blue, Blue, Red, Green(2), Blue(2), Yellow.
Blue, Red, Yellow(5), Green.
Green, Red, Blue, Green, Red, Blue, Blue, Green.
Johnny Viper
Blue, Red, Blue(2), Yellow(3), Green.
Blue, Red, Green, Green, Yellow(3), Green.
Air Instruments
Red(2), Blue, Yellow, Green(3), Yellow.
Invisible Characters
Green, Red, Yellow(3), Blue(2), Green.
AT&T Ballpark
Yellow, Green, Red(2), Green, Blue, Red, Yellow.
Gem Color
Blue, Red(2), Green, Red, Green, Red, Yellow.
Flame Color
Green, Red, Green, Blue, Red(2), Yellow, Blue.
Star Color
Red(2), Yellow, Red, Blue, Red(2), Blue.
Vocal Fireball
Red, Green(2), Yellow, Blue, Green, Yellow, Green.
Always Slide
Green(2), Red(2), Yellow, Red, Yellow, Blue.
Extra Line 6 Tones
Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green.

Unlockable Characters in Guitar Hero World Tour Xbox 360
All characters must be bought from the character select screen after completing the unlocking requirements.

Billy Corgan

Play the song 'Today' in the band career.
Hayley Williams
Play the song 'Misery Business' in the vocals career.
Ozzy Osbourne
Play the Ozzfest gig in the vocals career.
Complete th drum career.
Complete the vocals career.
Play the song 'Demolition Man' in the bass career.
Ted Nugent
Beat his guitar battle in the guitar career.
Travis Barker
Play the song 'Dammit' in the drum career.
Zakk Wylde
Beat his guitar battle in the guitar career.

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