fnatic will join AEON.

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The winner of nearly everything lately left fnatic to join eryc's organisation: AEON.
Just a moment after AEON disbanded, this news was confirmed by DrunKin the manager of fnatic.dota who will continue his job and join Aeon as well.

The new Roster of Aeon now looks as following:


Statement from Manager David "DrunKin" Pella

Hey everyone, unfortunately I'm very sorry to tell you that we're leaving fnatic. When we joined fnatic it was clear that we couldn't go to Asian lans. After one or two months in fnatic we heard about the SMM Lan in Malaysia and so I tried really hard to find another sponsor. It didn't go very well until today. We will join AEON with hope for a great future. We are very happy that we have decided to join AEON, who made us an undeniable offer. Thanks fnatic for a great time and thanks to the sponsors Steelseries, MSI and co.

We at gosugamers wish the new AEON the best of luck with their new organization and hope this teamchange will further strenghten DotA's position in the E-Sport world.

It is with regret that we inform you: One of the best teams in the world, AEON.int, has disbanded.

There was a lot of speculation and a lot of rumours about the future of AEON.int since the departure of Levent and Miracle. Now, we can assure you that the team has in fact been disbanded.

We believe this decision was made with consideration to SMM, which is arguably the biggest Dota tournaments of 2009. The recent addition of amartnt and anthraxx didn't really click and with SMM just around the corner Kuroky decided it was time to move on. He has joined Denmark Ravens and will debut against fnatic this Sunday for Pick League XII.

Statement from Kuroky:

Hey folks, everything great in life always comes to an end, I experienced alot of good things but also bad things in my career as ks.int/aeon, all in all I am very happy and very proud that I was part of this team, which we build together. It was an honor to play with these great players, I am very thankful to all, especially puppey who always believed in us and led us to victory many times.

A great era has ended, in my opinion, in a good way, even though we tried our best to come back and own the scene again, we were simply too weak, I am sorry. I hope this team will always live on in your hearts, I for sure will never forget it, and i won't forget our supporters and fans, who stuck with us in good and bad times, thank you.

Lastly I would like to thank our lovely manager, eryc. You probably only meet a handful of people in your life with a heart as big as eryc's. He supported us in every situation no matter how bad things looked. Thank you Levent, Miracle, Jolie, Puppey and eryc for the great time we shared, good luck in future and keep on rocking. I hope God makes us cross ways in future again.

As for the future of the rest, Eryc (Aeon.int manager) has promised that a new team will be assembled, however unfortunately we do not have much insight on this new lineup.

Aeon.int former roster:

Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov
Kuro Salehi 'KuroKy' Takhasomi
Vasily 'Jolie' Pepelyaev
Amar 'TnT' Hassan
Mustafa 'Anthraxx' Khan

New Ravens:

Jacob 'Maelk' Toft-Andersen
Martin 'AngeLofGoD' Olsen
Martin 'PusHer-Street' Mogensen
Miggel 'miGGel' Berg
Brian 'MaNia' Strandby
Kuro Salehi 'KuroKy' Takhasomi
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