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DotA 6.67c Bug. It is DotA 6.67c Linken’s Sphere Rune Bug. You can make Linken’s Sphere Runes/charges with it, The rune can be picked up by other heroes which will work only once. Linken’s Sphere rune can be made using many different ways. You can check the videos in which Linken’s Sphere Rune is being produced by performing some tricks on Morphiling , Puck and Sand King .

Dota 6.67c Linken's Bug on Sand King :
1. Pick Sand King and Level up Burrowstrike.
2. Buy Linken’s Sphere and drop it on the ground.
3. Now, Pick it up using Right Click.
4. While moving Hold Shift, Left click Burrowstrike on cast it on Sand King itself.
5. Linken’s sphere rune will appear on the ground

Dota 6.67c Linken's Bug on Morphling :

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