Abbadon Love Story

Once far away from any war a child was born. It was ugly and fat and nobody liked to be his friend. Yes, even his father, the king of this holy land, beat him up every day, just for fun…
When this child, called Eugen, become a teenager he fell in love to this beautiful girl. Her name was Lina Inverse. She was the princess of another kingdom. But the brother off him the brave omni knight, who was really cool and fought in many wars for the alliance of the kingdoms, also fell in love with her. Lina decided to marry the knight and not Eugen. Both kingdoms become one. But Eugen could not except the love of Lina and his brother. So he starts to fight for her. He sold his soul to the devil and Lucifer himself gave him the mighty sword frostmourne. The sword freezed his arm and his body died. But the great love of Eugen force him to move on. He starts to learn black magic to cast a death shield, which should defend him in the fight against his brother.
The kingdom was bright: There was peace for many years. But now a huge army of dead heroes under the control of Eugen the Lord of Avernus reached it.The army wanted blood. So they killed everybody. In every slaughter house was lesser blood than on the streets this day. Even Lucifer killed some poor people just for fun. Then after a long godlike spree he reached the main. “Now the one big fight will come!” Eugen thought. He screamed a last time until he attacked it. His brother appeared in his great shiny armor and his huge golden hammer glinted in the moon light. His eyes were watching his brother. There was no more brotherhood between them. They where opponents until they die. Eugen took his sword and stroke it in the air. A dark transparent shield surrounds his body. This was the item to defeat his brother. The fight of the two last heroes of this world started. The hammer hit the shield but nothing happened. Then the cold sword of Eugen cut an arm of his brother. But he fights on. But then in this historical fight Lina appeared a few meters behind Eugen´s brother. She was as beautiful as she was so many years before. In this few seconds another strike smashed against the shield. Eugen wasn’t concentrated enough to keep the shield stable. The bash of his brother was so hard that it was destroyed. All the damage the shield had saved was unloaded in the whole area. His brother died immediately. But Lina was damaged, too. She fell down on the green grass near a white rose. When Eugen saw it he ran as fast as if he charged her. His wounds bled strong. But his will where stronger. He fell on his knees. He asked god to rescue her. Nothing happened. “You can´t take her noooow!” he screamed. “Please take me instead of her!” He whispered slowly. Suddenly he remembered that he learned a cast in his childhood to heal his allies. But he never mastered it. It always let him get hurt after casting it. But he tried. He stroke his frost sword in the air and he cried: “I was a fool to trust in the light!” He healed her but his level wasn’t high enough to get invulnerability. He died for his fist love
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