Yurnero [ The Juggernaut ]

Once apon a time in Tokyo, Japan, ten days before the new Nintendo Wii was sold the first time. A small kid, called Yurnero was standing in front of the biggest hardwarestore of whole Tokyo. His plan was to stay there for ten days, to be sure that he will buy the first Nintendo Wii worldwide. After ten days waiting, the shopdoor opened and Yuneroo ran into the shop, grabbed a Nintendo Wii, bought it, and was back on his way home. Back at home he installed his new gameconsole at the 46“ Plasma-Tv, which he bought espacially for the new Nintendo.
After some minutes playing he realised how it works. Yurnero played for days without sleeping. Some weeks after the Nintendo was published he bought the brandnew game called Zelda. Yurnero was so agil, he jumped arrouned, hit 3 people by jumping as fast, that noone could hit him, while dealing all those damage. But that was only the beginning.

Yunero trained harder to improve his jumping skills. He really managed it! After some hours Yunero was able to hit 5 instead of 3 people, without getting any wound. He thought he could be better and trained further on. And he made it again! Now he reached his limit. He hit 8 enemys without getting any wound. Yurnero was the first kid who finished Zelda in only 2 hours. His father honored his son, and he wanted to learn the so called „Omnislash“ but it seemed that Yunero was the only guy who could do that unique slash! Many YouTube Videos of Yurnero were uploaded and watched by millions of people.
When Zeus - Lord of Olympia , leader of the Sentinel power, and his mate Raijin Thunderkeg - Storm Spirit, saw those video, they thought Yurnero would be a perfect Swordmaster for their team. They travelled down to earth and talked with Yurnero. They needed hours to persuade him, but finally Raijin grappled them up to Heaven again. Zeus, told Yunero that he has to fight with a sword, instead of the Nintendo Wii controller. Yurnero only needed about 2 days to learn Omnislash with his sword. Finnaly Zeus Sister, Slithice - The Naga Siren, tought Yurnero how to hit a Critical Strike, Yunero didnt fancy the name of his new skill and called it BladeDance from now on.Finally Yurnero learned how to block Zeus thunders by turning his Blade as fast as possible. He found out that he can block every magical damage and deal loads of damage with that new skill. After some days in Zeus Bootcamp Yurnero became imba and Zeus decided to let him fight against the Scourge power, to defend the Ancients and Yurnero suceeded.
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