Dota 6.68 - Icefrog Video and Update

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Dota 6.68 Video and Update. IceFrog has just announced that he will make some balance changes on Dota 6.68 map. They recently updated the status on the blog. This time iceforg very hardworking released Dota 6.68. They will feature 2 new hero in the video. Just so we're waiting for the video :)

Update From IceFrog Blog:
I am still working hard on 6.68. We plan to release a preview video in the near future to showcase some of the new content. There are quite a few new heroes in development so we are taking extra time to make sure they are high quality. There will also be balance work done for the current content as well various other improvements and features. 

If there is anything you'd like to see in the next patch, please let me know.
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