Heroes of Newerth - Patch 1.0.0

Heroes of Newerth Latest Patch - Version 1.0.0
Bug Fixes
* Fixed terminating players properly ingame when they left
* Fixed disconnection caused by the terminated player message
* Fixed upside down taskbar icon under Linux
* Fixed matchmaking giving improper point values
* Fixed the black and white box when picking a dev hero
* Fixed MinPSR/MaxPSR not being reset back to 0 when a game ends
* Rate of passive income is now adjusted when a player terminates (Higher with less players)
* Cleaned up create game dialog
* Added a frame that holds the disconnect button on the loading screen
* Updated tooltip description for hardcore mode so it doesn't say items are dropped
* Tweaked Linux resource auto-reloading
New Dev hero, Gauntlet
Minions spawned by Balphagore's ult will now die if their target dies
Won't eat Items, Wildsoul's Bear, or Mechanical units anymore
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