Heroes of Newerth - Balphagore Guide

HoN BalphagoreBalphagore is one of the next to be released heroes in HoN. He is a fat monstrosety that feels like an early laning strength hero, who has pushing power and is an anti teamfight powerhouse.

Primary Attribute - Strength
Str 25 +3.1
Agi 17 +1.2
Int 17 +1.9

Balphagore Skills

HoN RegurgitateRegurgitate: This skill is an aoe blast similar to Malphas' flame breath. It does some decent damage and has a pretty low cooldown. It also applies a slow to his enemies and regurgitates corpses for his other ability. This ability is going to be used to harass and support your other abilities.

HoN Demonic PathogenDemonic Pathogen: This skill is a short silence, and one that will spread to their entire team if they are too close. This skill synergizes perfect with his ult and first skill; punishing any team who is foolish enough to group up. This skill is very mana inefficient if you only manage to hit one person with it, so keep in mind that you need the ability to spread to get your worth.

HoN Corpse CoversionCorpse Conversion: This ability gives staying power and pushing power. At max charges/level you gain 5 minions to push a tower/gank a hero/jungle in the woods. Additionally this skill gives you health for each corpse you pick up, giving you a little extra regen.

HoN Hellon NewerthHell on Newerth: This skill is the explosive anti-teamfight power of Balphagore. He waits till the enemy team throws a ton of mana at them to max out his charges and then lays a solid 550 damage nuke on them all that spawns a 300 damage unit bomb per hero he hits. Throw a tempest into the mix after all the spells are blown, and can you say annihilation? Balphagore can.

Item Build and Strategy

Balphagore is the team tank and as a side a pusher. Start yourself off with a few  minor totem,  pretender's crown,  crushing claws, and some health regen, just like any normal strength hero. Your best bet for boots on this beast is  Plated Greaves or Str  Steamboots because you want to be a tank. Pick up a  runed axe for both mana regen and cleaving to help you gather corpses for your pushing and you will storm through towers. Pick up a  Helm of the Black Legion or my preference,  Shaman's Headdress into a  Barrier Idol so that you can survive the initial spell blasts that you need for your ultimate to be effective. Pick up a  Shrunken Head if you are getting disabled terribly, or rush for some more massive health boosts if you can and soak up all the team damage you possibly can.

In terms of effective use of Balphagore, you can push extremely well with minions and a cleave, saving the minions for stomping towers rapidly. In terms of teamfights you want to get the enemies attention, live through enough nukes to give you 80+ charges on Hell on Newerth and mash that skill onto the entire enemy skill. Toss out your minions and your DoT/silence and blast them with a cone of Bile. If you can survive to get your charges to 80+ and pull off that sequence of moves you will be able to take a grouped up set of heroes from full to almost nothing near instantly. Tempest is your best friend when he blinks in after they use their abilities on you enough to pump you up. Watch your enemies explode.
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