MYM can't attend SMM 2010 Malaysia

Due to financial issues and the sheer stress SMM 2010 has put on Non-Asian teams to participate, MYM will not be attending the event in Malaysia. This is extremely sad for DotA as this problem does not only lie with MYM. SMM's lack of provisional sponsorship such as airfares and accomodation means a much larger spending for teams which are not based in Asia or without stable sponsors. Talents from Europe and America will most likely to miss out this fantastic chance to display their skills to the world.
It is understandable that despite the short time duration for the foreign teams to get visa. SMM will not provide any form of financial aid to attract foreign teams. No sponsors in their right mind would consider spending such a lumpsum of money for prizes which doesn't even cover the travelling costs. MYM's rough spending to SMM is around 8000-10000 US dollars. Even if we did manage to get 1st place, it will barely cover the money which is required for the team to go there and food, hotels, etc.
It is understanded that this problem is shared by other teams as well. To name a few, DTS the east European powerhouse which has proved themselves to be one of the best in the world, also faces the same problem as MYM and is very likely to arrive at the same conclusion of missing out the event altogether. I'm sure many fans would love to see DTS vs EHOME in Malaysia again.
As the ABBA song goes, money money money, always sunny, in a rich man's world. Sadly this is also the case for DotA. SMM could learn a lesson or two from WDC which was a huge success and the generosity of Loveen and the passion of the Chinese DotA community are shown to the world. MYM sincerely wishes all the participating teams good luck and battle it out for the title of the king of Asia.
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