Dota Christmas Theme Download

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Dota Christmas Theme Download.
How to install?
1. Download the newest version of the Dota Theme Manager.

2. Unpack* the file IN your warcraft folder - in most cases C:\Program Files\Warcraft III.
You can find the paths the files should have below!
3. DO NOT move or rename any of the files you unpacked. The path must be: "\Warcraft III\DTMV4\"
4. If you want it on your desktop, create a shortcut of the exe file.
5. make sure both your WC3 and your World Editor are closed!
6. Go!
Note: needs to be 'Run as administrator' under Vista to run entirely properly (thanks to Dagguh for this information!).
*) you need WinRAR to unpack it.

The DotA Theme Manager uses the following paths for the files:
Warcraft III Folder\DTMV4
-this is the folder you should see when you open your WC3 folder.
In it, you should have:
Warcraft III Folder\DTMV4\DTMV4.exe
-the application itself. Use this executable to start the DotA Theme Manager.
Warcraft III Folder\DTMV4\Data
-the Data-Folder, containing all necessary data the DTM needs to work.
Don't change anything here!

Let's play with the Dota Christmas theme and hope Dota 6.70 will coming out really soon !
Link Download :
Dota Christmas Theme
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