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StarCraft® II Gaming Mouse $79.99
- Scroll Wheel with 24 Individual Click Positions
- APM-Lighting System
- Ultra-large Non-slip Buttons
- Button Force Switch
- Seven-foot, Lightweight, Non-tangle Cord

Tournament ready and designed exclusively for StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™, the Razer Spectre StarCraft II gaming mouse is a lightweight, five button mouse that is ideal for gamers that prefer precision and control for an RTS. The adjustable button force combined with the ultra-large non slip buttons allow a substantial increase in your APM, which will be monitored by the newly developed multi-color APM (Actions-Per-Minute) Lighting System. Whether you’re Protoss, Terran or Zerg, the Razer Spectre StarCraft II gaming mouse gives you exactly what you are looking for in an RTS mouse.

Button Force Adjustment for Maximized APM
Optimize the actuation force on your leftclick button by adjusting it to your personal preference. Dial in the perfect balance between speed and control, maximizing both your APM and unit micromanagement.

APM – Lighting System

The Razer Spectre’s APM-Lighting System is able to monitor your APM and game alerts in real-time with a range of customizable colors and visual feedback.
Find out more about APM and our APM-Lighting system

1000hz Ultrapolling™ for Highspeed Responsiveness
Increase your reaction time with The Razer Spectre’s 1000Hz Ultrapolling™, executing your commands with a mere 1ms delay, up to 8 times faster than conventional gaming mice.

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