DotA 2 to be released this Fall

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DotA 2 to be released this Fall ? It's the question that everybody has been asking: when is DotA 2 coming out?

Valve has been pretty quiet about the recreation of Warcraft 3's most popular custom map (DotA, of course), but more and more news updates and leaks have been happening lately. This latest "leak" gives us reason to believe that DotA 2 will be released in Fall of 2011.

John Patrick Lowrie, a voice actor for many popular works such as Half-Life, Team Fortress 2, and much much more, revealed some information about DotA 2 on his podcast.

He mentioned that has already done the voice acting for a number of heroes - namely Pudge and Storm Spirit. He also does mention that Valve is planning for a Fall release and that they're just touching up the game and preparing it for release.

Don't worry though, any updates about DotA 2 placed on this post. Check it out any time!

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