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Dota 6.73c Map Download - Dota 6.73c Official Map has just released. It's only been 2 weeks since Ice Frog released the Dota 6.73b. IceFrog has done some bug hunting and fixed a rare issue with PowerPC Mac causing DotA to crash on games. He also removed the Christmas cosmetic changes and brought minor balancing tweaks to the new heroes ability. Check out the changelogs and download links of Dota 6.73c.

DotA 6.73c Map Changelogs :
* Fire Remnant activation cost increased from 100 to 150
* Flame Guard magic barrier reduced from 150/300/450/600 to 100/250/400/550
* Moment of Courage cooldown increased from 0.75 to 0.9
* Chakram manacost over time reduced from 20/30/40 to 20/25/30
* Removed all Christmas themed additions
* Fixed death timer not showing properly
* Fixed a crash that happens on PowerPC Mac systems when playing online
* Fixed a rare bug that could cause Ember Spirit to be unable to move
* More map optimizations
* Fixed Aghanim Tiny Illusions appearing as unupgraded Tiny
* Fixed rare bugs with Sleight of Fist and Hex
* Fixed sound effect on Skywrath Mage's attack projectile
* Fixed visual effect for Rod of Atos's slow not showing
* Fixed various tooltips
* Fixed Ring of Aquila shared disable icon
* Fixed a very minor visual glitch with Tranquil Boots item cooldown causing non-active items to look in cooldown
* Fixed Shadow Demon's scoreboard icon
* Fixed a bug with Tranquil boots and Aghanim Meepo
* Fixed Orchid recipe shop hotkey
* Fixed Chakram continuing to deal damage after game is over

Download Link : DotA 6.73c
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